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Image Our Bring Your Own Device service allows you to use your existing IP phones with your Cool PBX telephone system. We charge a one-time programming fee of $10 per extension or line button (or four buttons, extensions for $35.00*.)

We program Cisco, Grandstream, Polycom, YeaLink, Aastra and a number of other SIP enabled IP phones. We just need to know the extension number(s), user's real name(s), email address(es) and participation in call queue(s). Contact us today for quotes regarding programming your equipment.

Print this page and gather the needed info below in order to provide us with the configuration settings. (Use mutliple sheets if necessary. Submit separate forms for each device.)

Ext 1
Ext 2
Ext 3
Ext 4

Ext #

Real Name

Outbound CID

Email Addr



Note: Programming of BYOD devices is subject to our Terms of Service. *Configured line buttons can be either actual extensions or line appearance/speed dial entries. Four button price break applies to four line buttons on a single device. Unless you are replacing existing phones, extensions requested that already exist will automatically be configured as 'line appearance/speed dial'.