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You may have heard a Cool Telecom employee refer to "Allison" or read the name Allison in the How To Guides and you're wondering.... Who is Allison? Allison Smith is the VOICE inside your Cool Telecom phone system. Allison is also available to record your menu prompts or even advertising on hold.

Meet Allison Smith

Here is an interview Allison did for a recent convention.

Allison is the voice of Asterisk, the PBX engine that powers our Cool PBX Phone Systems. Allison is the kind of gal that mirrors the personality and humor of most of us here at Cool Telecom. To get to know the girl behind the voice a little, watch this video of her appearance at Astricon back in 2008. She may sound only a little familar until you hear her close out this short interview with an example prompt!